Animal welfare leads to human welfare

Animal Care Land is a Non-Governmental charitable organisation, established in the year 1999 in the temple city of Tirupati.It is committed to the cause of Animal Welfare in general and Birth Control of Dogs and Anti Rabies Vaccination Programmes in particular, to create a Rabies free nation. It works for the society where man and animal can live together safely and harmoniously To have animal friendly society tolerant towards animal existence. Hand in hand for peaceful co existence.

In India, particularly in urban areas, millions of street dogs or free-ranging dogs coexists with people, as result of declining popularity as pets because of keeping foreign breeds in houses became symbol of status and improper management of waste disposal and lack of cohesive planning in stray dog population controls, their numbers were amplified. often stray dogs have fearful encounters with people who are frightened of becoming victim of dog bite or contracting rabies. According to World Health Organization 36% of world's rabies deaths occur in India each year.
While strays survive on scavenging on garbage,despite the fear of rabies Some are fed and cared by residents who value them as guards and as companions. However, as many places in India lack effective street dog population and vaccination programs, cruel and indiscriminate dog culls are often the program of choice when there is a community outcry for action following a biting incidence or a potential rabies outbreak.

Everybody agrees that the street dog population needs to be controlled and Rabies must be eliminated completely. But what is the solution?

Nowhere in the World, killing of dogs proved to be effective. So the best alternative is Animal Birth Control Programme (ABC) and Anti Rabies Vaccination Programmes (ARVs)
Animal Care Land is devoted to the cause of these two important programmes, which will gradually stabilize the population of street dogs and the probable menace through them. These are the time tested, proven and the most effective strategies followed by many countries by many countries of the World like Bhutan, Philippines and the Kuwait are few and even many cities in India. On the recommendations of WHO / WSPA. (Kuwait is 100% Rabies free since 1996, after adopting these methods)

We provide our services in following districts in the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh state.

  • Chittoor
  • SPSR Nellore
  • YSR Kadapa

At Animal Care Land , We believe in

  • The animals are also citizens of this world and we have no right to harm and destroy them.
  • Every living creature desires to live, just as we do.
  • Compassion towards animals is our rich cultural heritage.
  • Man shall be more careful to help the animals and prevent ill treatment as the animals cannot speak.
  • Animal Welfare leads to Human Welfare

Our endeavor

  • Conducting programmes of sterilization of street dogs and Anti -Rabies Vaccination Programmes.
  • Performing surgeries by a team of qualified Veterinary Surgeons and Doctors.
  • Providing post operative care
  • Entertaining individual complaints from any quarter relating to street dog menace and attending to them as required.
  • Providing all possible treatment for sick dogs and other animals in general, if needed.
  • Relocating the sterilized dogs in their original localities.
  • Offering emergency Ambulance Service for transportation of sick animals.
  • Proposing to have an Adoption Home for abandoned pups in near future.

Dog's prayer

"Treat me kindly, my beloved master,
For no heart in all the world is more grateful to you than mine!
Speak to me often, my beloved master,

For your voice is the World's sweetest music to me!
Keep my pan filled with fresh water, my beloved master,
For I may stay well to protect you with my life!
When I am very old, my beloved master,
Please do not turn me away!
And when I take my last breathe, my beloved master,
Please be my side, for I trust that,
My fate was always safest in your hands!"