Animal welfare leads to human welfare
An unique animal welfare organization
Our vision

Animal Care Land is a Non-Governmental Organisation, established in the year 1999 in the temple city of Tirupati.It is committed to the cause of Animal Welfare in general and Birth Control of Dogs and Anti Rabies Vaccination Programmes in particular, to create a Rabies free nation. It works for the society where man and animal can live together safely and harmoniously, To have animal friendly society tolerant towards animal existence

Hand in hand for peaceful co-existence
Have you observed

Have you observed, dogs with clipped ears, A sign that they are sterilized and vaccinated. Ear clipping or ear-notching (humanely incise a chunk of the ear and then sealing the wound) is the most common way of identifying stray dogs that have been vaccinated and surgically sterilized and de-wormed and then released.

  • Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabis Vaccination program(ARB-ARV) for stray dogs
  • Ambulance services for animals in distress
  • Animal health camps
  • Fodder bank
  • Humane education
  • Adoption of homeless or neglected animals
  • Animal welfare Board of India Recognition code No. Ap - 056/2000
  • Member of World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA)

  • Animal welfare activities
  • Community awareness programmes
  • Veterinary and animal husbandry services
  • Biodiversity conservation and measures